They learn their words

Then make them swords

Straight through your heart

You’re left in parts

And it all goes unseen

This invisible war appears clean

But let me tell you

The length of shadows will change

Walk away until you’re out of range

Of their stares

They sting

Walk away from all the noise

That make your ears ring

Danielle Rice 2017©



No matter height, no matter how tall

You become familiar with birthmarks

Enough to blindly connect them all…

No matter language, no matter accent

We are still all one family

Living in the slow present…

No matter land, no matter race

We’re mammals, only animals

All sharing the same face…

Maybe someday, maybe someday soon

We’ll all have a home

Underneath the lit moon…

Because no matter what we love

We love all the same

Which is how we’re blindly connected

But given different names.

As shells absorb the song of the sea

The waves wipe away

The footprints of you and me

In the sand left behind

Walking to our home

Only we can find

Danielle Rice 2017©

(Writer’s note: I’ve decided poems don’t require titles….. also I just have no idea what to call this one haha.)


I’ll wait with you out in the rain,

I’m familiar with this type of pain.

Danielle Rice 2017©

In Between

Sitting on the corner of this street

Waiting for my dreams and I to meet

As I see

All of these

People walking by

Carrying on,

Living their lives

I can’t help but think

What I missed when I blinked.

Was there a memo I didn’t receive,

Sharing the secret to life and how to achieve?

Or did I just find my blind spot?

I gained too much hope then lost my shot?

Getting dragged into fantasies

About my life and what it could be

I let the clock go unseen

As I got stuck in between.

Asleep or Awake

I grind my teeth

As I sleep

I’ve lost the path where my dreams and I meet

Crowded my nightmares,

Terrors and jump scares

It’s time to just stay awake

Before the path start to break.

I saw my old friends

While in my childhood home

But they all left and wouldn’t wait

Leaving me alone.

I was in today again

I had a second chance

Had knowledge of the risks

But it won’t make any difference

Its all in my head

I’m still just lying in bed

Having made all my mistakes

Yesterday while I was awake.


No need

To build a bridge over a puddle

I believe

You can get by without struggle

© Danielle Rice 2016

(Writer’s Note: Last post until 2017! Thank you so much to everyone who has been liking and commenting on my posts, it means so much to me that you like them ♥ I hope you all have enjoyed the holidays and have a wonderful new year.)



My constant enemy.

Your arm so cold and bony

Stop reaching out

Your attempt to steal it all will fail,

No doubt.

Nothing bad gets what it wants.

Why do you want it all when you have enough?

Being grateful for the gifts of today shouldn’t be that tough.

What a monster you are, Jealously.

I wish you didn’t live inside of me.

© Danielle Rice 2016


When did these ceiling lights get so high?

I can barely read my book at night

Instead I could just read the walls

They’re paper thin

I’m constantly reminded of the world I’m living in

Always loud, always dim

© Danielle Rice 2016

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